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Based in the Pacific Northwest, inspired by South America and beyond...

How It Began

Cristina Gonzales' passion for wine began while traveling as a backpacker through South America in 2001 and landing in Mendoza, Argentina, the epicenter of South American Malbec. A fateful meal combining a luscious Argentinian steak and the perfect Malbec was the spark that led Cristina down the path of winemaking and eventually to establishing her own wine brand. She entered the wine industry in 2006 and eagerly absorbed as much information as she could, learning from hands-on experience working harvests in California, Oregon, Tasmania and Australia.

The journey continues

After working as a harvest intern at WillaKenzie Estate in 2007, Cristina fell in love with Oregon and decided to move to Portland in 2009, where she started working for A to Z Wineworks/REX HILL. Cristina took on many different roles there as a cellar hand, lab assistant, warehouse manager and finally as bottling line manager until 2013. In 2010, during her tenure at A to Z Wineworks, Cristina decided to try her hand at winemaking for herself and Gonzales Wine Company was born. Her desire to travel and live abroad led her away from Oregon and back to Latin America for 3 years: this time to Chiapas, Mexico, where she gave birth to her son. During this time, she continued to make wine for her own label in Santa Rosa, California. In 2016, Cristina and her family decided to move back to the United States and returned to Portland, Oregon, where she resides today and currently produces wine from Southern Oregon and Washington.

What I value

GWC Founder + Winemaker Cristina Gonzales is also a board member of AHIVOY.

AHIVOY is an Oregon nonprofit working to empower vineyard stewards. There is no wine without grapes, and there are no grapes without those who work long days in the vineyard. These workers, or vineyard stewards, face socioeconomic challenges for which AHIVOY provides education and professional development to help overcome.

Cristina is passionate about the welfare of these vineyard stewards and hopes you’ll join her in supporting their futures.

Representation Matters. Gonzales wines strive to serve, inspire and motivate other underrepresented communities that anything is possible. Forge your own path.
Cristina Gonzales, Founder & Winemaker

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